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Power your business with tailored energy products and services to meet your operational and sustainability needs.

Discover a better way to power your business

We power businesses across the United States and Canada. Offering more than simply energy supply products, we can deliver tailored solutions designed to help meet your business’s specific needs.

Energy supply

With increasing market complexity and more options to choose from than ever before, selecting the right provider for your energy supply is critical. Working with Shell Energy gives you access to:

  • Coast-to-coast coverage in the US

  • Competitive pricing

  • Strong experience

  • Reliable customer service

  • Flexible options

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Energy solutions

Manage your costs, mitigate your risks, and increase your operational efficiencies with integrated solutions from Shell Energy, such as:

  • Energy efficiency

  • Energy management

  • Backup generation

  • Asset management

  • Demand response

  • On-site renewable energy

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Renewable solutions

Meet your operational and sustainability goals with cost-effective renewable energy products that are better for the environment and your business:

  • Renewable power

  • Renewable energy certificates (RECs)

  • Carbon credits (including nature-based solutions)

  • Renewable natural gas

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Wholesale solutions

Access end-to-end wholesale energy solutions that span the supply chain, from production and generation to trading and supply – plus everything in between:

  • Power purchase agreements

  • Fixed price and heat rate block transactions

  • Hourly shaped power sales and purchases

  • Gas-for-power

  • Heat Rate Call Options

  • Load following transactions

  • Risk management products

  • Energy Conversion Agreements

  • Renewable energy certificates

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Explore our Shell Energy case studiesMore case studies
Delivering 100% renewable energy for Visa

See how we worked with Visa to develop a bespoke multi-year energy agreement to power their data center in the commonwealth of Virginia with 100% renewable energy.

Eliminating emissions for the City of San Diego

Discover how Shell Energy is helping the City of San Diego to meet their ambitious aim of reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to net zero energy by 2035.

Learn more about our strategy and who we are

Shell Energy is working to make your path to net-zero easier, investing in new technologies and projects to significantly reduce global carbon emissions.

Why Shell

Shell Energy is your guide, making it easier to manage day-to-day energy needs while increasing efficiency, reducing cost, and advancing your decarbonization goals.

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