Asset management & Operation

Get the most out of your energy assets and optimize facility efficiency, uptime, and utilization, with our technical, risk, and regulatory expertise.
Master the management of your energy assets
Rely on Shell Energy’s deep technical expertise, risk and regulatory experience, and industry-leading business processes to optimize facility efficiency, uptime and utilization, and get the most out of your energy assets.
Why Shell Energy?

As one of North America’s largest integrated energy suppliers, we provide a portfolio of innovative energy solutions across power, natural gas, and environmental products, backed by the strength of our global trading network.

Managing your energy sources

We manage facilities which produce power from various sources, including natural gas, solar, and wind.

Optimized power usage

Get a strategy for power optimization that schedules usage and reduces consumption according to your business needs.

Managed energy costs

Get competitive energy pricing, with short and long-term hedging, alongside daily support from the Shell Energy trade desk.

Ability to Resource RECs

Gain market access to renewable energy certificates (RECs) from renewable power producers.

24/7 energy trading

Manage your energy purchasing needs to suit your business with 24/7 access to the Shell Energy trading desk.

Learn more about our energy solutions
Demand Response
Generate a new revenue stream for your business while helping to stabilize the grid, with our demand response program.
EV charging optimization
Find everything you need to deploy and operate your own network of EV charging stations.

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