Renewable Power

Take the complexity out of adding renewables to your energy mix with our retail-delivered solutions that help you transition to a lower-carbon future.
Transition to a cleaner energy future
With one third of our power coming from renewable sources, we can help you make the switch to clean energy today. Our wind and solar projects alone add more than 1,000 GWh of carbon-free energy to the grid each year, so find out how they can start powering a cleaner future for your business.
Giving solar energy its time in the sun

Access more than 1.1 GW of solar generation capacity from Shell-operated facilities and joint-venture partnerships – including Silicon Ranch, one of the largest independent power producers in the US, with more than 140 solar projects across 14 states.

Taking energy wherever the wind blows

Make the switch to cleaner energy by tapping into our onshore and offshore wind portfolio, which has the potential to generate more than 6 GW of power across our projects currently in operation and under development.

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Meeting your renewable power needs
Reduce your Scope 2 emissions and showcase your commitment to tackling climate change by using an electricity supply bundled with the renewable energy certificate (REC) of your choice.
We offer a range of simplified, retail-delivered renewable energy plans, designed to fit your business needs and budget.
Simplified solutions that reduce risk
Competitive pricing
Manage the cost of your clean energy supply with fixed prices based on a renewable power purchase agreement (PPA).
Flexible agreements
Customize volume and tenor, and access bridge products to tailor solutions that meet the specific needs of your business.
Simplified contracting
Switch to your new supply without interruption while avoiding complex transactions or risks associated with locational basis, variable generation and index exposure.
Low-carbon credibility
Support your community by investing in local resources and demonstrate business sustainability with renewable energy certificates.
Sourcing clean power for your business

In deregulated markets, an integrated solution developed by Shell Energy combining a physical PPA with a retail supply agreement offers unique benefits.

Standard PPAVirtual PPARetail-Delivered
Physical PPA
Fixed price
Balancing power not required
Single billing option
Project-based REC transparency
Does not require knowledge of wholesale Energy Market
Contract LengthLong, 10 – 20 yearsLong, 10 – 20 yearsFlexible
Risk to BuyerWholesale market risks; operational risk if renewable project is compromisedFinancial risks: will likely require purchase of balancing powerTechnical, financial, risk mitigated
A powerful retail alternative to Virtual PPAs

Combining a physical Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with a retail supply agreement helps you avoid the contract complexity and price risks of a virtual PPA.

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Explore our energy supply case studiesMore case studies
Eliminating emissions with the City of San Diego
Discover how our collaboration with the City of San Diego is set to use innovative solutions to help meet the city’s goal of cutting its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in half by 2035.
Delivering 100% renewable energy for Visa 
See how we worked with Visa to develop a bespoke multi-year energy agreement to power their data center in the commonwealth of Virginia with 100% renewable energy.
Learn more about our energy supply
Natural gas
With our vast natural gas network across North America, we are uniquely positioned to help you transition your business to a cleaner energy future.
In a complex market we keep things simple, providing the power you need at a competitive price to help you meet your business goals.

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