Renewable Solutions

Make the shift towards a cleaner energy future and help keep your sustainability targets on track with our portfolio of renewable energy solutions and environmental products.
Lead the way through the energy transition
Your business faces a growing need to reduce its carbon footprint. We provide a supply of cost-effective renewable energy and environmental products that can help you reach your goals.
Working toward a lower-carbon future
Renewable power
Take the complexity out of adding renewables to your energy mix with our retail-delivered solutions that help you transition to a lower-carbon future.
Renewable energy certificates
Meet your regulatory and voluntary sustainability targets with renewable energy certificates (RECs) that can demonstrate your support for cleaner energy.
Carbon credits including nature-based solutions
Compensate for hard-to-abate emissions with carbon credits from world-class reforestation, conservation, and afforestation projects.
Renewable natural gas
Reduce your CO2 emissions with renewable natural gas (RNG), a highly efficient and sustainable low-carbon fuel made from organic source materials.

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Powering progress with cleaner energy solutions
Avoid getting caught by fluctuating energy prices by mitigating the risks of dynamic market conditions.
Manage your energy supply holistically and deliver carbon savings by avoiding or offsetting your footprint.
Take control of your operating costs with on-site generation and storage that can help keep your utility bill in check.
Upgrade your equipment with no upfront cost to drive energy efficiency and reduce overall consumption.
Reduce your dependence on the grid and keep your business running smoothly in the event of grid outages.
Giving solar energy its time in the sun
Power your business with our rapidly expanding portfolio of solar facilities, which give you the opportunity to shift towards a cleaner, more decentralized source of electricity.
Our solar interests currently include: Silicon Ranch, US; solar deployments at our own facilities; and Greenfield solar and storage projects in development
Taking energy whenever the wind blows
Make the switch to cleaner energy, with electricity generated by onshore and offshore wind power. Our wind projects in operation, and under development, have the potential to bring 6 GW of power to the grid.
Our portfolio includes:
  • Four operating windfarms in the US, powering approximately 97,000 homes
  • Two offshore wind farms under development, set to generate more than 4 GW combined
Explore our renewable solutions success storiesMore case studies
100% renewable energy for Visa
See how we worked with Visa to develop a bespoke multi-year energy agreement to power their data center in the commonwealth of Virginia with 100% renewable energy.
GM accelerates renewable push for Texas
The collaborative program includes current offerings that can help expand access to renewable energy for GM’s customers and suppliers in Texas, and free renewable energy charging hours for GM’s EV owners in the coming months.
Learn more about our energy solutions
Energy efficiency
Manage operating costs and optimize your overall usage by replacing and upgrading your energy-consuming systems and equipment.
Energy management
Manage energy use across your sites and facilities with automated controls and advanced analytics.
On-site renewable energy
Gain control over energy costs, reduce dependence on the grid, and lower emissions with our integrated on-site renewable energy solutions.
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