Financial savings through energy management

We helped this national automotive consolidator convert to cleaner energy solutions at 10 of their locations, resulting in 18% energy savings over four months.
The challenge
Operational issues from deferred maintenance, rising energy costs, and the implementation of EV technology left this national automotive consolidator searching for answers. The solution? A multi-facility energy management strategy.
The solutions
From site visits, where we evaluated energy efficiency opportunities, to installation of new technology and ongoing maintenance, Shell Energy took a consultative approach in order to implement varied solutions, including:
  • Energy management
  • Energy efficiency: lighting, HVAC
  • Sub-metering
An energy management system (EMS) uses a blend of hardware, software, and managed services to continually collect and analyze a facility’s overall energy usage and the drivers behind it.
The right EMS helps to add a layer of automation, scheduling, and real-time response capabilities. Facility management can then set controls for HVAC, lighting, or other major systems, enabling them to remotely triage any issues as they arise. Instead of relying on manual audits or after-the-fact energy bills, this makes it possible to quickly detect and react to any internal or external conditions that may be accelerating costs and consumption. The result is a more streamlined operation, without having to cut corners.
The value
Successful installation of the company’s EMS meant any HVAC issues could be addressed via a straightforward optimization program. As a result, four months’ savings in 10 locations totaled over $48,000 and a total energy reduction of 18%.
And because usage data generated by the EMS is far more detailed and valuable than what is seen on a typical utility bill, this national automotive consolidator is now able to view:
  • Real-time insights and alerts about potential building problems or inefficiencies, including information required for preventative maintenance and equipment replacement.
  • Long-term itemized energy consumption information that supports data-driven facility management, accurate usage forecasts, and streamlined external reporting.
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