Providing an efficient energy link for retail

Discover how this retail facilities manager updated their energy management process to the same exacting standards for efficiency as other areas of the business.
The challenge
The goal here was to reduce energy spend and gain asset-level insight into energy and site operations, but with no budget to pay for the equipment, it was proving a difficult task.
The solutions
Our energy management services provide new and existing facilities with tailored hardware, software, and support to meet scalable savings and sustainability goals.
In this facility, we installed contract metering and controls to provide visibility into the performance of critical equipment, including HVAC, fuel pumps, and refrigerators.
The value
Energy management systems work hand-in-hand with other behind-the-meter solutions and strategies. Visibility into the performance of critical equipment like high-efficiency HVAC, lighting or refrigeration systems, provides valuable insights that lead to cost and energy savings. Shell Energy’s flexible financing meant the facility could pay for these energy management upgrades over time rather than upfront. In doing so, they effectively funded the project through energy and operational savings.
This facility can expect:
  • Savings of $9,200/year
  • CO2 Reduction of 55,900 lb./year
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