back-up generation

Keep your business running smoothly and protect your facilities from outages and operational disruption with our backup generation solutions.

Build a more resilient business

From evaluation to installation, we help you improve the resilience of your facilities with cost-effective backup energy generation solutions. So, when the grid goes down, you can keep operating as if it is business as usual.

Giving your business the backup it needs
Business continuity

Keep the lights on in the event of an outage with behind-the-meter natural gas generators that provide a backup power supply.

Cost-effective solutions

Install a backup supply with no upfront investment, using our flexible terms, monthly payment options, and buyout provisions.

Protect your business against outages

Get the backup power supply your business needs and let us manage the end-to-end process for you.

Our services include:

  • Facility evaluation, solution development, and economic analysis

  • Equipment and installation

  • Off-balance sheet financing

  • Preventative and reactive maintenance

  • Guaranteed system performance

  • 24/7 customer support

Learn more about our energy solutions
Asset management and operation

Get the most out of your energy assets and optimize facility efficiency, uptime, and utilization, with our technical, risk, and regulatory expertise.

Demand Response

Generate a new revenue stream for your business while helping to stabilize the grid, with our demand response program.

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