Natural Gas

With our vast natural gas network across North America, we are uniquely positioned to help you transition your business to a cleaner energy future.

Create a comprehensive clean energy portfolio

With enough generation capacity to power five million homes, a comprehensive network of transportation, storage, and distribution capacity, and coupled with our trading capabilities, we give you greater access to natural gas and power markets.

A network that meets your needs

With access to some of the continent’s most productive gas reserves, you can tap into a natural gas network that has the scale and reach to support your business.

A smarter way to supply your business

Optimize your energy budgets by buying and selling the gas you need, backed by our global market intelligence and one of the industry’s largest trading operations.

The natural choice for cleaner hydrocarbon energy

Today, natural gas is an essential player in carbon reduction strategies. Natural gas helps lower emissions and improve air quality when replacing coal and diesel. It also provides fuel for power generation to supplement renewable energy sources.

Meet peak demands

Maintain a stable natural gas supply with the flexibility to meet your needs all year round, even during periods of highest demand, depending on how you source and structure your gas supply needs.

Coast-to-coast coverage

With a natural gas network spanning the United States and Canada, we’re here to serve your business across all regions and locations.

Reduce risk and control costs

Stay on budget, protect your cashflow and ensure a stable natural gas supply with our physical and financial risk management solutions.

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Commercial & Industrial gas products and services
  • Baseload supply

  • Swing/incremental/balancing supply

  • Balancing and forecasting services

  • Volume management for standalone, aggregate, or load share facilities

  • Critical day management

  • Interruptible service

  • Management pooling benefits

  • Scheduling transport

  • Bandwidth/Swing tolerance/Full requirements

  • Standalone storage optimization

  • Fixed pricing

  • Index pricing

  • NYMEX and pricing triggers

  • Convert basis to fixed

  • Convert FOM index to fixed

  • Convert index to basis

  • Layered triggers

  • Delivery and usage billing

  • Invoicing at meter or aggregate level

  • Customer invoice portal

  • Market fundamental newsletter

Serving energy markets across the US

We offer supply solutions to power your business.

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A better way to power your business

From generation and transmission to transportation and storage, Shell Energy offers the end-to-end power solutions, utilities, generators, municipalities, and community choice aggregators need.

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Delivering 100% renewable energy for Visa

See how we worked with Visa to develop a bespoke multi-year energy agreement to power their data center in the commonwealth of Virginia with 100% renewable energy.

Eliminating emissions for the City of San Diego

Discover how Shell Energy is helping the City of San Diego to meet their ambitious aim of reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to net zero energy by 2035.

Learn more about our energy supply

In a complex market, we keep things simple, providing the power you need at a competitive price to help you meet your business goals.

Renewable power

Take the complexity out of adding renewables to your energy mix with our retail-delivered solutions that help you transition to a lower-carbon future.

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