In a complex market we keep things simple, providing the power you need at a competitive price to help you meet your business goals.

Power the future of your business

We help make the global energy system work for you, providing the end-to-end power solutions you need to improve efficiency, manage costs, and respond to changing energy demands.

Competitive prices from coast to coast

With more than 270 million megawatt hours in annual power sales and more than 10,000 MW of our managed generation capacity coming from plants across North America, you can get the power you need with our competitively-priced power supply.

Solutions that span the supply chain

Whatever the needs of your business, we offer power solutions to meet them, from power plant and real-time risk management to distributed energy systems and demand response services.

Putting the power back in your hands
Competitive pricing

Keep your utility bills under control with competitively-priced and flexible product structures.

Market insights

Make your operations more efficient with data and insights that put you in charge of your power.

Reliable customer service

Get answers to your most pressing power-related questions.

Choose the best product for your business

A blend of price certainty associated with a fixed-price product and the downside potential of index-based pricing.

A product with the flexibility to fully benefit from potential downward-moving markets or maximize the value of your ability to manipulate load or supply.

This product provides a measurable degree of price certainty, while allowing you to also benefit from potential downward index market movements.

A product with the flexibility to benefit from potential downward-moving natural gas markets.

A product with the price certainty and an easy to understand structure.

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Serving energy markets across the US

We offer supply solutions to power your business.

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A better way to power your business

From generation and transmission to transportation and storage, Shell Energy offers the end-to-end wholesale power solutions, utilities, generators, municipalities, and community choice aggregators need.

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Explore our Shell Energy case studiesMore case studies
Delivering 100% renewable energy for Visa

See how we worked with Visa to develop a bespoke multi-year energy agreement to power their data center in the commonwealth of Virginia with 100% renewable energy.

Eliminating emissions for the City of San Diego

Discover how Shell Energy is helping the City of San Diego to meet their ambitious aim of reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to net zero energy by 2035.

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Renewable power

Take the complexity out of adding renewables to your energy mix with our retail-delivered solutions that help you transition to a lower-carbon future.

Natural gas

With our vast natural gas network across North America, we are uniquely positioned to help you transition your business to a cleaner energy future.

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