Decarbonizing Technology

Shell Energy is working to make your decarbonization journey easier. Make the shift to a cleaner energy future and help keep your sustainability targets on track with Shell Energy’s expertise and suite of services and solutions.

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Accelerate your decarbonization journey.

Decarbonization requires new ways of thinking and rapid scale innovation. For the technology industry, with a record in driving change, this is an opportunity: working with the energy industry, tech can help accelerate innovation on decarbonization. Shell’s cleaner-energy solutions have helped leading technology companies like Visa, Skybox, and various other high-performance computing companies to reduce their carbon impact.

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0:07 Climate change is among the most significant challenges

0:10 we face today, and it's accelerating.

0:13 The way in which humans have produced

0:15 and consumed energy is unsustainable,

0:17 and we must work urgently towards a future

0:20 that's powered by more and cleaner energy.

0:23 People today have never been more connected.

0:26 Lives and livelihoods, economies and communities depend

0:29 on convenient, reliable and affordable power

0:33 to prosper and grow.

0:35 The world will need much more energy

0:37 to power homes, and fuel transport,

0:39 for a growing population with rising living standards.

0:43 The combination of more and cleaner energy is central

0:46 to what we do today, and will do tomorrow.

0:49 It's not a question of one or the other.

0:52 We want to provide both.

0:54 Our knowhow, technology, and innovations are helping

0:58 to deliver more, cleaner energy.

1:01 Shell is built over 125 years of technological innovation,

1:06 and today, technology helps us

1:09 to play a part in addressing climate change.

1:11 Technology is vital as Shell works to turn the challenges

1:15 of today into opportunities of tomorrow.

1:19 I like to say that sun never sets in Shell's R&D space.

1:24 We have over 5,000 employees

1:26 at technology centers around the globe.

1:29 Located in Hamburg, Shanghai, Tokyo, Bangalore and Houston,

1:34 teams are working hard to solve

1:36 the world's biggest energy challenges,

1:38 including those in the power value chain.

1:41 Each center is a powerhouse of progress,

1:44 serving regions in a way that allows us to create

1:48 and test focused, localized trials and solutions.

1:52 In addition to intense focus on research and development,

1:56 collaboration is essential for large-scale transformation.

2:00 Our innovation excellence teams play

2:02 an active role in discovering important

2:05 and potentially groundbreaking technologies,

2:07 both within and outside of Shell.

2:11 We openly seek out innovative ideas

2:13 and actively support startups, scale-ups,

2:16 mature companies, research institutes and academia,

2:19 uncovering technologies with the greatest potential.

2:22 Like many of my colleagues,

2:23 I thrive in this culture of curiosity,

2:26 which allows for intense focus on rapid development

2:29 and deployment of technologies.

2:31 We believe reshaping the power value chain can be achieved

2:34 by reaching outside of our silos and working in new ways,

2:37 alongside teams with the same goals and values in mind.

2:40 We are investing time and resources into exciting projects,

2:44 taking concepts like digitalization and solar farms

2:47 and turning them into forward-thinking,

2:49 integrated solutions for customers.

2:51 We're exploring the potential

2:52 for offshore wind generation,

2:53 including floating wind and solar,

2:55 so these technologies can reach scale

2:57 and make renewables more available to the world.

2:59 My colleagues and I are also evaluating

3:01 and improving technologies involved in microgrids.

3:05 We have a research microgrid

3:06 at our technology center in Houston.

3:09 With this, we can actively solve the frictions

3:12 our customers may face today and in the future.

3:16 We are committed to helping

3:17 our customers decarbonize through electrification.

3:20 Our work is shifting to accelerate

3:22 the development of advanced batteries

3:24 and charging solutions required

3:26 for heavy industrial applications,

3:28 such as electrifying fleets of larger vehicles.

3:31 Our researchers are also actively exploring avenues

3:34 to help customers reach their destinations,

3:37 wherever that may be,

3:38 while keeping their carbon footprint in mind.

3:41 From sustainable fuels, to renewable natural gas,

3:45 to hydrogen, to electrification,

3:47 we are commercializing technologies that are ideal

3:49 for hard to decarbonize industrial sectors.

3:52 Shell is also actively transforming assets

3:55 and accelerating a range of different technology pathways

3:58 to produce sustainable aviation fuel.

4:01 I think the industrial electrification is really exciting

4:03 because when you look at different ways

4:05 of decarbonizing CCS, NBS, hydrogen,

4:08 industrial electrification is a strong compliment

4:11 to those other technologies.

4:13 It eliminates the CO2 molecule

4:15 from being generated in the first place.

4:16 And so I see industrial electrification as a critical tool

4:20 for us fully decarbonizing our energy system.

4:23 We are also excited to visualize

4:25 and map out entirely new clean energy markets like hydrogen

4:29 that don't currently exist at scale

4:31 but could have a tremendous impact if scaled properly.

4:35 As our world transforms,

4:37 long and short duration electricity storage will be central

4:40 to our research and development efforts

4:42 because it allows customers to access renewable power

4:45 in a way that is convenient for them.

4:47 Delivering renewable power to a variety

4:49 of industries requires technological advances

4:51 and we look forward to making that happen.

4:53 It's exciting to be a part of this global transition.

4:55 Re-envisioning power generation

4:57 and distribution is changing the everyday lives

4:59 of people around the world.

5:01 It's fulfilling to be a part of this process,

5:04 making way for unprecedented access

5:06 to renewable power in homes and vehicles.

5:09 We hope these changes will soon be

5:11 as easy as the flip of a switch.

5:14 Together with Shell, startups, scale-ups,

5:18 research institutes, academia and mature companies

5:21 have the opportunity to collaborate and innovate,

5:25 developing energy solutions for today and tomorrow.

5:29 At Shell Energy, we are eager to share our knowledge

5:31 and expertise to help you navigate

5:34 the complexities of the energy transition.

5:36 We invite you to join us in re-imagining

5:39 the future of power, and the power of the future.

5:43 By leading through innovation in the power value chain,

5:46 we are committed to making that vision a reality.

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