Wholesale Energy

Get the energy mix you need to effectively power your business, with our tailored solutions that provide you with flexible terms and a diversified cleaner energy supply.

Experience energy that’s better for business

We make sure you get the energy mix you need to effectively power your business, with wholesale solutions designed to provide you with a diversified cleaner energy supply and the expertise to help you navigate a changing regulatory landscape.

Tailored energy solutions

Meet your power requirements, manage risks, and maximize the value of your energy portfolio with physical and financial cross-commodity solutions.

Flexible deal structures and credit terms

Access the financing solutions and creative deal structures you need to start or grow your business, by leveraging Shell Energy’s global scale.

Industry-leading market intelligence

Make the navigation of complex regulatory systems and mitigation of risk simple, with access to Shell’s global market intelligence and one of the industry’s largest trading operations.

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Who We Serve
Community Choice Aggregators

From generation and transmission to transportation and storage, Shell Energy offers power solutions that utilities, generators, municipalities, and community choice aggregators need.

Producers & Generators

We provide power offtake and fuel supply solutions for generators and producers, along with asset management services to optimize production.

Commercial & Industrial

We offer market access, regional regulatory expertise, and financial strength to meet your business’ energy needs today and your goals for the future.

Global Enterprises

With our large footprint, comprehensive capabilities, and market expertise, we are well positioned to help global enterprises navigate the energy transition.

Energy Retailers

We have the financing options, technical and regulatory expertise, and energy supply you need to meet your business and sustainability goals.


We offer structured solutions, asset management, and trading expertise to meet the needs of investor-owned, government-owned and cooperative utilities.

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