A person in a shipping warehouse


See how a logistics company warehouse owner created energy efficiencies at the source to ensure a smooth supply chain and meet the requirements of its insurer.

The challenge

With tight timelines and insurance provider standards looming, a logistics warehouse owner needed to replace their existing lighting with high-efficiency LEDs. Unfortunately, they didn’t have the budget to pay for the equipment upfront.

The solutions

Shell Energy offers a convenient subscription pricing model, providing a low-risk way for facilities of all sizes to ensure access to the newest and most efficient equipment with little up-front investment. This covers everything from equipment and installation to management and back-up power.

With the financial flexibility offered by Shell Energy, this logistics warehouse owner paid for their energy efficient LED lighting upgrades over time. And with a guarantee that also covers all equipment maintenance, the warehouse owner was given the peace of mind that insurer requirements would consistently be met.

The value

A shrinking carbon footprint can also signal value to investors, consumers, employees and – in this case – insurers. By actively switching to LED lighting, and taking advantage of Shell Energy’s flexible financing, this warehouse owner can expect:

  • Savings of $34,000/year


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