How to Read your Bill

An easy guide through each section of your billing statement
How to read your bill Page 1

1. Account Details

Includes your Name, Account Number, Invoice Number, **Total Amount Due and Due Date.**This is the amount you owe for electric service for the current billing cycle plus any outstanding balance on your account.

2. Summary of Total Charges

Summary total current charges in the current billing cycle. Incudes Energy Charges, TDU Pass-through Charges, Taxes and Others Charges / Adjustments.

3. Account Balance

The total amount due on your account, including the current charges and any previous unpaid balances that have carried over.

4. Remittance Form

Send this portion of your bill when paying your bill. Please allow adequate time when mailing your remittance. Or login to your My Energy Hub for online payment options.



This is a number that identifies the location of your meter, similar to a street address, and will remain the same if your meter gets upgraded or replaced.

6. Metrics

  • Meter Number: The serial number of the meter installed at your home is listed here. This number will change if your meter gets upgraded or replaced
  • Service Period: The dates of service for your current energy bill.
  • Current Read: This is the number of kilowatt-hours recorded on your electric meter when it was read for your current bill.
  • Prior Read: This is the number of kilowatt-hours recorded on your electric meter when it was read for your previous bill.
  • Read Type: Actual (A) or Estimated (E) meter read
  • Usage: This is the measurement of electricity that is consumed by your service address during the specific billing period. It identifies the total number of kilowatt-hours used from your previous reading to your current reading. This amount of electricity used is what you’re charged for on your current bill.

7. Shell Energy Charges

This section details the usage and the unit price calculation to get to the total charges for the billing period.

8. TDU Charges

These are the transmission and distribution charges related to delivering the electricity to your home.

9. Taxes and Fees

You will find taxes applicable to your bill in this section.