Shell Energy is working to make your path to net-zero easier, investing in new technologies and projects to help reduce global carbon emissions.
What if it was easier?
Shell energy can be your guide to help make the energy transition easier. We supply renewable energy and environmental products that are tailored to support your business's sustainability goals.
Why is Decarbonization Important?

Shell aims to become a net-zero emissions energy business by 2050 or sooner, in step with society. That’s why we’re setting our goals in line with the Paris Climate Agreement. Achieving these goals takes a variety of innovative and integrated energy solutions to get where we’re headed. And while change is never easy, Shell Energy will work with you to make the process easier, charting a path to net-zero that works best for your organization.

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We are supporting our customers’ transition to a lower carbon future.

We’re helping global customers like Amazon and Microsoft with their renewable energy goals.

In North America, over 30% of our managed power portfolio comes from renewable power. We have Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) with commercial and industrial customers including Wells Fargo and Danone.

Decarbonization Products & Solutions
Shell Energy's portfolio of renewable energy and environmental products helps you take the steps necessary to help decarbonize your business.
Putting the power back in your hands
Emissions with renewable power and efficiency solutions
Carbon emissions with a wide range of smart energy solutions
For emissions with carbon credits including nature-based solutions
Renewable Power
Reduce your carbon footprint with a customizable renewable energy plan that fits your business needs
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Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs)
Secure Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) to help reach your sustainability goals and support clean energy production
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Carbon Credits Including Nature-Based Solutions
Compensate for the emissions that are costly or impossible to avoid with carbon credits including nature-based solutions.
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Renewable Natural Gas
Natural gas derived from biomass or waste for use as transportation fuel or for injection into the gas distribution network
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Shell’s Energy Transition Strategy
Our energy transition strategy is a key part of Shell’s Powering Progress strategy, which aims to accelerate the transition of our business to net-zero emissions, in step with society.
Shell Renewables & Energy Solutions Portfolio
Shell Energy is investing in new energies to keep pace with the world’s changing energy system and to help drive down carbon emissions.

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