Solar Panels on Home
Female Pioneers in Renewable Energy

In honor of International Women’s Day, we wanted to highlight the pivotal contributions of a few of the women who helped shape our energy future.

Charging your EV for Winter Weather
7 Key Things to Do to Prepare Your Home for Freezing Weather

The weather forecast says that freezing weather is on its way. What do you do now?

A well-decorated home shines with white Christmas lights. In this article, we cover the cost of running Christmas lights, how LEDs compare to incandescent lights and more.
How Much Electricity do Christmas Lights Use?

Do incandescent and LED Christmas lights use a lot of electricity? Find out more and see what you can do to save on your bill over the holidays here. 

Man using a device in his home
Top Ten Energy Users in the Home

Which household items use the most electricity? Read on for our list.

Women reading about home sustainability tips
4 ways to create a more sustainable home

Read on for four ways to create a more sustainable home.

Tips for reducing your electricity bills

Throughout the year, changing weather can impact how much power people use, whether that's a cold front or a heat wave. Learn more by reading about the five ways to reduce electricity costs at home.

Father and children at home
Tips to adapt to winter weather

Discover five heat-saving tips this winter.

Tips for a sustainable holiday season

To enjoy a more sustainable holiday season, here are some things to consider managing electricity use.

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Shell Energy enters Texas market

Now, backed by our extensive energy trading and marketing expertise, we can offer new products to residential customers who want sustainable, innovative energy plans for their homes.