Energy Solutions

Manage energy costs, build resilience, and increase operational efficiencies with integrated solutions and smart services that can help optimize your energy usage.
Manage costs and emissions with smart solutions
We provide you with innovative energy solutions that help you to manage your energy use and assets holistically – enabling you to reduce waste, manage costs, and help meet your sustainability goals.
Energy efficiency
Manage operating costs, and optimize your overall usage, by replacing and upgrading your energy-consuming systems.
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Energy management
Take control of energy use across your sites and facilities with automated controls and advanced analytics.
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Backup generation
Keep your business running smoothly and protect your facilities from outages and operational disruption with our backup generation solutions.
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Asset management and operation
Get the most out of your energy assets, and optimize facility efficiency, uptime, and utilization with our technical, risk, and regulatory expertise.
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Demand response
Generate a new revenue stream for your business, while helping to stabilize the grid, with our demand response program.
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EV charging optimization
Join the electric revolution with affordable clean power and intelligent charging solutions for your electric vehicle (EV) fleet.
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On-site renewable energy
Gain control over energy costs, reduce dependence on the grid, and lower emissions with our integrated on-site renewable energy solutions.
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Integrated solutions

Control costs, mitigate risks, and increase operational efficiencies by choosing integrated solutions from Shell Energy, with:

  • Managed end-to-end service
  • No upfront investment
  • Maintenance included
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Energy solutions case studiesMore case studies
Funding upgrades in retail through energy savings optimization
Discover how one retail chain was able to reduce its energy spend and implement upgrades without upfront investment, by using controls and submetering.
Meeting energy reduction targets
Discover how a leading global financial services firm found a way to meet its CO2 reduction goals without the need for capital investment in energy efficiency upgrades.

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