Renewable Natural Gas

Reduce your CO2 emissions with renewable natural gas (RNG), an efficient and sustainable lower-carbon fuel made from organic source materials.
Cut your carbon intensity with RNG
Learn how to improve the sustainability of your transport and grid power activities, with a lower-carbon alternative to fossil fuels that can reduce the carbon intensity of your operations.
How it works

Renewable, compressed natural gas (RNG) is produced from feedstocks including animal waste, crops and crop residue, and food waste.

Since these raw materials would break down naturally over time, using them to replace carbon-intensive fossil fuels means total emissions can be reduced.

The production process is as follows:
  1. Biogas is made from feedstock (animal and vegetable waste etc.) using a process of anaerobic digestion.
  2. The biogas is then processed, ensuring it meets industry standards, to turn it into RNG.
  3. Finally, the RNG is injected into the gas grid.
Why choose renewable natural gas?
Reduce carbon emissions
When used in the form of compressed natural gas (R-CNG), RNG can reduce CO2 emissions from around 50% to 100%, when compared to fossil fuels.
Decarbonize your fleet
Vehicles designed to run on natural gas can run on compressed RNG too, helping to cut fleet emissions.
Generate renewable power
RNG can be used to generate electricity and heat, helping to reduce carbon.
Ease of transport
RNG can be transported using the existing natural gas pipeline system. 
Case studies
Shell’s first US renewable natural gas (RNG) facility
Shell has invested in its first RNG facility in Junction City, Oregon. It uses locally sourced cow manure and agricultural residues to produce 2,650 scfm of biogas, upgraded to approximately 736,000 MMBtu a year of RNG.
Shell RNG powers Los Angeles buses and garbage trucks
Under a new contract, 20% of LA Metro’s CNG bus fleet and 100% of its garbage trucks are set to be powered by Shell RNG.
Renewable power from Shell Energy
Discover how your company can benefit from renewable energy that is:
  • Delivered 24/7 at a fixed price
  • Available on a flexible contract and term
  • Mitigated against risks associated with variable generation
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